Velvet, Denim and Cotton

Currently I've been loving the throwback to 90s trend, I think my obsession grew exponentially a few month ago when I had a DVD marathon of pretty much all the 90s films. This included: the infamous Mean Girls, Clueless, Freaky Friday and many others. I think Films and TV shows are great ways to gain inspiration for outfits when you're stuck as they often have great throwback trends ( although some are pretty odd). One of my favourites would have to be this look: a plaid shirt, velvet cami and denim shorts. This look incorporates so many different layers and dimensions, as well as featuring various materials of clothing which I think is pretty cool...

Exposed Walls and Floral Skirts

Hi Guys!

Today I've got a boho-ish look, I say that because the atmosphere around adds a whole lot more to the boho vibe then my actual outfit ( except my top). Beside the point, a while back I shot with a couple of my friends at the infamous ( not really) Botanic Garden in Oxford. We did a few outfits, so this is part one out of three parts in this series. I hope you enjoy it and I'll make sure to add a link for all the outfits in my next look.

New In: Printed Shorts

Hey guys!
Recently I've been doing a ton of shopping so I've also decided to join the bandwagon and do weekly posts of new things I've bought that I've really liked. This lil idea was inspired by my friend Emma
This post is the first addition to the series so I hope you guys enjoy the post and how I've styled these shorts from BooHoo which were a bargain in the sales at £6 only!